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I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I’m in a different branch filling in for someone and as far as I can tell, whoever is out was the only nice person in the whole building because the people I’m working with are so miserable. Nobody talks except to complain and bitch and I’m sad. 



Me at 13 and me now tbh


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Out of pure curiosity


Does anyone that follows me reside in Connecticut?

If so, would you be willing to model for portraits in a studio or on location?

Will pay you in prints and Little Caesars ^_^

I do! I do!


What was so amazing about this movie was how quickly and completely I forgot that he was onscreen by himself almost the entire time.

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Eno by Jared Flood


Eno by Jared Flood

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So I took a second job helping out at a small barn a few towns over, and the place is just heavenly. About the only thing I’ve found that I dislike is that they use hay nets that are a huge pain to fill and close. That’s literally the only annoying thing. The horses are lovely and the barn is gorgeous and solar powered and clean and the owner is just so sweet. Today she came out to say hi and told me she left me a brownie on the front seat of my car. So I’m really enjoying that. Yay! 


A photoset of climbing down from the hand, Terra Style.

Witness the grace and beauty and athleticism.

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2005 Pride & Prejudice [3/6]

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Jose Luis Lopez Galvan.


Jose Luis Lopez Galvan.

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